Types of Input Device in Computer


Input device are those device,which are used by the user to give an input to the computer or the CPU(Central processing unit).This input is further stored or to be manipulated.

Some example of input device is….
Key Board
Digital Camera
Keyboard is one of the most popular devices, which is used with computers.It is similar to the typewriter.This input device is used to giving the input to the computer by pressing keys of the keyboard,There are about 108 keys in a Keyboard.
Mouse is the most popular pointing device. It is a very famous cursor-control device having a small palm size box with a round ball at its base, which senses the movement of the mouse and sends corresponding signals to the CPU when the mouse buttons are pressed.
Generally, it has two buttons called the left and the right button and a wheel is present between the buttons. A mouse can be used to control the position of the cursor on the screen, but it cannot be used to enter text into the computer..
A Joystick is another input device generally used for playing computer games.This devices has a stick on it.On moving the stick to different direction the pointer moves to the different direction.

The Scanner is another one of the most important device used with the computers.It is used to input an image or a text from an external paper or a book to the computer.This devices is very much used now a days in the field of images editing and designing.
Bar code reader are set of black lines often seen on the groceries,cosmetics ,paper back novels, and son on .Bar codes & recorded ,on products by .The manufacturing and usually carry the inventory stocks number (also called product no)The coding scheme called universal product code for recording.The data is based on the width of the bars and space between them.
The light pen uses a light sensitive photoelectric photoelectric cell to signal screen position to the computer the pen is pushed close the photoelectric circuit there by indication the x-y screen coordination to the computer light pen are frequently used by graphic designers illustrators and drafting engineers.
Limited amounts of data can be entered via computer that has a touch screen the user simply touches the screen at the desired location marked by labeled by labeled boxes to “point out” choice to the computer.
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